Colon Cleaner hot sauce review

From Professor Phardtpounders comes this stuff they call 'Colon Cleaner'. While after trying out 2 bottles of this stuff, I really didn't get that whole cleansing effect like the name implies but I did get a bunch of tasty meals out of them! This mustard-based sauce works wonders with bland pork. As a matter of fact a pork roast done in the slow cooker was one of the things I was keen to try this stuff on. Really glad I did. The taste is hot-mustardy with a hint of the red wine vinegar they throw in the ingredients. Heat-wise it's a bit hotter than I figured it would be but not unbearably so. A bit too hot for my wife (who thinks she can take the heat....that's a soon to be blog post I just know it;) but she did say it smelled fantastic. Also tried it on one of those frozen pizzas...(YES we baked it first!) and was almost a bit too strong of a mustard taste for it but I managed to get it down.

All in all, I highly recommend this sauce....must be why it's one of our biggest sellers!

Colon Cleaner

2015 Dec 28th ChiliHeat

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