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If you think yourself a ChiliHead, then you've come to the last place you'll ever need to fuel your fire. We are YOUR Hot Sauce Canada source.

BE WARNED... the foods and sauces contained in this website can be extremely dangerous!

We rate the heat level of these items with our own system, a mix of the famous Scoville Units gauge AND our very own taste testing after we've tried the item.

"Hot Sauce for Pepperheads and Heat Lovers"

...a little about us and this website:

I have always been a fan of spicy foods, whether it be naturally hot peppers or the spicy-hot flavors of the middle east. Everywhere I would go for dinner, heat would need to be on the menu, or at least available as an add-on. That love of heat (and food of course!) has led to hot sauce as a hobby, and now to this website!

There is a wall of empty hot sauce bottles from all over the world in my office....any time a friend or family member is out on holiday, my 'request' goes out...Hot Sauce please! If I haven't tried a new 'flavor' yet....I want to! If you have a hotsauce company looking for an impartial review on some hot sauce, let us know.

Right now we are a web-only business, helping to keep overhead costs down, based in one of the most beautiful places in the world, (well, we think so anyway :) British Columbia, Canada....the growing city of Abbotsford.

If you have questions about a particular sauce we haven't reviewed ourselves yet, please ask! We would LOVE to try it out for you! So drop us an email, let us know what you think of

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