Out of the Box Snacks Hotsauce Review

Out of the Box Snacks

These guys sent us a sample pack of sauces to try out recently so I thought a review was in order. We are working on getting these sauces in store now!

Pineapple Mango Hot Sauce

Heat: 5/10

Consistency: Pourable but thicker than most, fibrous

Taste: Light mango, citrus

Always liked mangoes. Maybe that's why I like this sauce so much. It's got a really great mango-citrus-y taste to it that goes well on eggs...Oh my god does it ever go well on eggs. This medium body sauce doesn't pour itself out of the bottle and needs a bit of shake to get it going but trust me, once you start it you'll want more. Heat is about a 5/10. Perfect warmth for breakfast. I would have liked to try this one out on pizza but the bottle didn't make it that far!

Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

Heat: 7/10

Consistency: Pourable, not watery

Taste: Classic pepper taste

Ok, when I first seen this sauce the initial reaction was 'Oh man...another red sauce'. Have to tell you I was pleasantly surprised and caught off guard. Yes, this is 'another red sauce' but that's where the similarities end. This one actually TASTES like the Scotch Bonnet pepper it's made from, and fresh too. Being a vinegar base, one would assume the vinegar would poke through like most other sauces but not this one. Somehow they mask it and allow the pepper through. Heat is a 7/10. Enough to start your nose running and lips tingling....but this is not a melt-your-face-off sauce and I don't think it was meant to be. This is a gourmet sauce through and through. Tried this on hashbrowns and eggs and was very memorable.

Cucumber Habanero Hot Sauce

Heat: 4/10

Consistency: Pourable but chunky

Taste: Cucumber, vinegar

Looking for something different? This might just be the ticket. Cucumber and habaneros.....who would have thought. This chunky sauce has loads of cucumber in it and is light colored enough to show the pepper bits as well. This sauce is a love it or pass kind of sauce and I'm stuck in the pass phase at the moment.....not that I don't like it, just that it's a sauce that needs to be put on something like a salad or such. Sort of like a vegetarian's hot sauce if you will. There's not a huge amount of heat, so this one could be something safe to serve on a summer's day picnic and not worry about a guest screaming that 'It's too hot' ;)

Pina Colada Hot Sauce

Heat: 5/10

Consistency: Very thick, fibrous

Taste: Coconut, citrus

What's your first thought when you see 'Pina Colada Hot Sauce'? Yeah mine was too...what kind of a crazy mixes coconuts and habaneros?! If you like coconuts you will love this one. After cracking open the bottle and smelling the rich coconut it was all downhill from there. That bottle lasted no longer than a day....tops. I ended up eating this sauce on whole wheat crackers for crying out loud. Not alot of heat, just enough to start the sniffles. The bottle needs to be beaten into submission to get the sauce out of the bottle because it's so thick. It's worth it. Trust me, it's a new favorite.

2018 Mar 5th Mike

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