Trailer Park Boys Hotsauce!

Trailer Park Boys Hotsauce! was kind enough to send us a bottle of Green Bastard and Deeecent Hot Sauce!

Deeecent Hot Sauce

Heat: 5/10

Consistency: Pourable

Initial Taste: Smoooooth

Maybe one of your new favourites...this Louisiana style sauce doesn't dissapoint. I used it on everything from scrambled eggs (was reeeealy good on eggs) to pizza. Nice thing about this sauce is it has lots of 'stuff' in it...pepper bits and veggies, spices weren't filtered out, which lends to the flavour. Not smokin thick like some sauces, this one pours easy and spreads out nicely too. Heat I would say is a 5/10. Not so hot you can't break it out for Christmas dinner or the like and worry Grandpa will off himself with it. I like it!

Green Bastard Hot Sauce

Heat: 4/10

Consistency: Pourable, thicker

Initial Taste: Jalapeno's! bastard style! If you're a fan of jalapenos (pronounced jahlap en o's by Ricky) this one will satisfy!

A bit thicker than the Deeecent sauce, this one pairs well with burgers and eggs too. If you want to try and mix it up a notch, add this to your'll thank me later! Unfiltered is the best and there's lots of 'stuff' in this one too...tomatillos, jalapeno, and serrano peppers make this sauce thick enough to stay put on your food. Not too thick not to thin, this is one to love! You'll want to order more than one bottle....I was drinking this out of the bottle it was so good. Heat level 4/10.

2022 Dec 2nd Mike

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