Underwood Ranches Hotsauce Review

Underwood Ranches Hotsauce Review

Underwood Ranches

We were lucky enough to be chosen to review these six incredible on!

We are working on getting these sauces in store now.

Roja Hot Sauce

Heat: 6/10

Consistency: Pourable

Initial Taste: Chipotle, chipotle, chipotle! 

Roja, meaning 'Red' in Spanish, is most likely where this bottle got its name. The dark red/brown color lends one to think about chipotle even before it's tasted. Citrus-ey without being sweet. There is a lingering heat that stays with you, and prolongs the flavour...I swear it seems these peppers were plucked from the earth and gound up...yep it's THAT GOOD.

Not many ingredients in these sauces which is awfully nice in a fast, processed world!

I found this sauce to be absolutely wickedly good on pasta :)

Spicy BBQ Sauce

Heat: 1/10

Consistency: Pourable

Initial Taste: Tomato

This not-so-average BBQ sauce doesn't have alot of heat but it doesn't need it! The flavour of tomatoes hits you first with a bit of lemon flavour. When using this on the grill, use it more as a basting as there is very little (if any) sugar content to burn up and caramelize like your average BBQ sauces do. This sauce is at ease on just anout anything you grill...we used it on pork, hamburgers, and some steaks we had left over. Was absolutely awesome on the burgers!

A really nice change from the 'usual' BBQ sauces.

Bibimbap Hot Sauce

Heat: 5/10

Consistency: Pourable

Initial Taste: Sesame

I have been waiting to write the review on this one for a bit now....ever since I first opened this bottle. This sauce got used on damn near everything I swear. From salads (yes salads...try it!) to pork steaks to noodle dishes, this Asian inspired hot sauce is right at home. The lingering heat seems to stay for awhile, all along reminding you of the wonderful dance your tastebuds are doing.. If I had to pick a favorite from this group for the best all around sauce, this would be it. The sesame smell and flavour is just enough for you to know it's there, and you'll have to agree this reminds you of Asian cuisine.

Sriracha Hot Sauce

Heat: 5/10

Consistency: Pourable

Initial Taste: Smoooooth

Everyone by now has been subjected to the Sriracha craze with multiple companies putting out their own version of this versatile and tasty sauce. Here's another version that you may just love! Is it possible for a sauce to 'taste smooth'? Hell yes it is. Give this one a shot and you'll see what I's not the red color or lovely puree that makes it's the taste! Silky smooth with a heat that hits later, this sauce should be a staple in everyone's fridge!

Carolina Gold Hot Sauce

Heat: 5/10

Consistency: Pourable

Initial Taste: Mustard

This tangy, mustard type hot sauce has some nice heat to it...not alot but just about right that you can use it on your eggs and hashbrowns. Hinestly, I used a whole lot of it in a hurry...those who have read my reviews before know that 'foodis just a vessel for sauces'. Carolina Gold os no exception! Love, love, love this sauce on eggs and hashbrowns. Unfortunately I ran out before getting to try it out on pork roasts and the like but my mouth waters just thinking about the next bottle.

Has a bite and disappears fast it's so good.

Verde Hot Sauce

Heat: 5/10

Consistency: Pourable

Initial Taste: Lemon and Jalapeno

If you like jalapenos, no if you absolutely love jalapenos, this is the sauce you have been searching for forever. There is so much flavour coming from this green nirvana you won't be able to stop with putting it on your burgers or natchos! Pretty sure you can add this to just about anything and it will enhance it. Behind the jalapenos is just a hint of lemon-lime citrus that in no way overpowers the main flavour but rounds the sauce out nicely. 

Main ingredient is Jalapenos and it shows!

2019 Jul 29th Mike

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