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Acid Rain Hot Sauce

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This one is Hatari's "Beyond Belief hot sauce." If you're one of the folks who just like their food HOT!, this sauce was especially made for you. Unlike some hot sauces, Acid Rain is loaded with flavour. It is not only a blending of some of the hottest peppers in the galaxy, but some of the most flavourful ingredients as well. You are just going to love it.

And LOVE it we do! You HAVE TO try Acid Rain on salads....the lemon and lime flavors really, REALLY bring out the hidden flavors. Burgers? If you have never tried this stuff on a hamburger you are missing out. 'nuff said.

I'm gonna rate the Acid Rain at a 9 on the heat scale. It's HOT,  but you get 'used to it'......

Size: 4.4oz
Heat Level: 9
Country: Canada

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1 Review

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    Acid Rain

    Posted by Mike on 2017 Apr 8th

    This sauce is really good. Highly recommend for wings, chili or burgers. Try it!!

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