Crazy Jerry's Hot Sauce

Crazy Jerry's Brain Damage Hot Sauce

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Jerry's hottest and a must have for every collector, this is an extreme sauce that needs some respect!

Brain Damage - Mind Blowing Hot Sauce says it all. This award winning Hot Sauce is made with mangoes, mandarin oranges, honey garlic, habanero and chipotle peppers. To quote Crazy Jerry... Now this hot sauce ain't for wimps or people just eat up with I.Q's for people like Bones (the guy on the label)...people with an adventurous soul looking for cheap thrills. The kind of folks who get their kicks spittin' into the wind and arm rasslin' big women.

If you not one those people, try it anyway it might put you in the mood to give it a shot.

Size: 5oz
Heat Level: 10
Country: United States

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