BULK Habanero Pepper Dried Chili Pods

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Ahhhh, the Habanero. The most widely known and consumed of all the 'Super Peppers'. These dried pods should be a staple in every hot head's pantry.  Running up around 500,000 SHO, these are 'edible hot'....still REALLY hot but not as bad as a Carolina Reaper or Scorpion Pepper for example.

The Habanero has it's own, unique taste that compliments any dish. Try them, they may just become a staple in YOUR pantry too!

These pods should not be eaten on their own but make a fantastic addition to soups, chilies and anything else that needs a lil bit o spice in it.

Gourmet and Authentic dried Trinidad Habanero chili pepper.

**Please note that these pictures are not necessarily indicative of the actual product. They're as close as we can come, but being an all natural product, colors and pod sizes can and do vary.**

Heat: 10+

Ingredients: Dried Habanero Peppers


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