BULK Chipotle Pepper Pods

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You know 'em, you love 'em! The Chipotle pepper is your favorite Jalapeno but dried and smoked. These dried pods give a massive flavour to anything you can mix them with.....want a killer dip for your next party? Make it with fresh Chipotle Pods and you'll never go back to packaged stuff again!

Running around 5000SHU, these peppers are a 'familiar' kind of hot. For the newcomer, these will brighten your eyes and awaken your senses. For the diehard chilihead, these are the perfect pepper substitute when ground up!

Gourmet and Authentic dried Chipotle (Jalapeno) chili pepper.

**Please note that these pictures are not necessarily indicative of the actual product. They're as close as we can come, but being an all natural product, colors and pod sizes can and do vary.**

Heat: 5+

Ingredients: Dried Jalapeno Peppers

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